Finding the right bend..

A big warm hello to the one reading this. Well you also deserve a hug because this is my very first blog.

As internet has swarmed us with an explosion of information, sometimes it is also very important to maintain a balance. Especially when you are dealing with young minds. The very versatility and unpredictability of our subject explains why there can’t be moulds or set patterns to get it right.

Also, I have a few questions to ask to all those who are always struggling and competing to get it right.

Why do you want to be the perfect parent ?

Is there any thing as being a perfect parent ?

Does a perfect parent even exist ?

In my experience as a parent of two girls who are almost teenagers now, and by being in the education industry for last 18 years, I have come to the conclusion that parenting should not be treated as a job.

Your child should not be treated as your trophy.

Rather, parenting is an experience. It’s a process. To evolve, to learn and to teach.

And the most important lesson that we can teach directly and indirectly to our children is that life is not perfect. Life is about accepting the ups and downs. Parenting too is similar to life. Your child has their strengths and shortcomings. Rather than helicoptering them with unrealistic expectations we need to teach them the very basic theory of a happy life.

Accept, evolve and excel.

That’s my mantra and I am not challenging anyone otherwise, but I feel it works in all aspects of life.

When I was studying emotional intelligence, we learnt various parts of the brain. And how our emotions have the power to influence everything that we do. I would like to share my knowledge and experiences on how we can work on our own emotions and improve the quality of our parenting style.

Being an early childhood educator my main aim is to help other professionals who want to grow and learn in their field.

I also have a very ambitious project which is to create real life stories for children.

For all those who are willing to get their child featured in a story book with their child as a main character, all you need to do is share a real life experience, learning or accomplishment that your child has had. I will convert it into an illustrated story and everyone in this community will have access to it. Isn’t it wonderful ?

Looking forward to forming a meaningful community.


Ismat Sameer.



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