Have you already exhausted your art and craft supplies? Have you taken all the virtual tours? Have you done this and that and everything that could possibly be found on the internet. Well, high five! We are all on the same boat (quiet literally).

Suddenly the world around us has changed. To-do lists have changed and planners are snoozing away to glory. The big pause that we all are witnessing is surely making us all evolve in certain ways of our own.

But what about the ones who never had any life goals and monthly planners anyway! They don’t understand the pause because all they know is to RUN! They don’t understand restriction on play, on touch and on going outdoors. It surely is a stupendous task for parents to nurse this new situation.

The SBV (Sanitizing Boredom Virus) might be of some help to sanitize boredom. If at least for a little while.

jal tarang

Jal Tarang is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world. Jal meaning water and tarang meaning waves in water. The music is created by filling water in different sized bowls, each having a different quantity of water. It has a pleasant characteristic tone similar to the Feng Shui wind chimes. In the 16th century Europe, glasses were used in place of cups. Similar cups have been seen in Japanese Buddhist temples and in the music of Kabuki theatre where water is used for fine tuning.

All that you need is:

7 Tea cups or Bowls ( preferably in ascending order of size)


A pencil

And VOILA! You are all set to create calming music sounds.


Fill the first cup with 20 ml Water

Second with 40 ml Water

Third with 60 ml Water

fourth with 80 ml Water

fifth with 100 ml Water

Sixth with 120 ml Water

Seventh with 140 ml Water

Ring a bell ? Yes we are teaching them the concept of small, medium, big, bigger, biggest through the bowls.

And you guessed it right, older kids can practise multiplication through this activity.

Now all you have to do is explore and create new sound waves for as long as the B Virus is away 🙂

You can check out the following link on YouTube for reference.

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