Our brain is the organ which controls the nervous system. With the Spinal cord, it makes up the central nervous system. With the help of the information it receives from the sensory organs, our brain pretty much controls all the activities of the human body.

So basically, Mr B who happens to be the big boss of my body, knows everything and gets to decide everything. This Narrative makes me feel that the brain is a badass creature who needs to be tamed and controlled so that I get to be the ultimate boss of my body and I get to decide what happens and what doesn’t.

But that is not what I meant to get at. I was going to talk about how to toilet train your child. But before we begin, lets take a quick look at a child’s brain.

Whilst there are innumerable studies and researches and one can go on in many hundred thousand words on the topic, the very simple, basic thing that parents and caretakers need to understand before you start potty training is that your vulnerable, soft and innocent little one has a smarter mind than yours. Actually twice as smart as you are! (fun fact)

So numero uno, #donotunderestimate your child. An exception of his physical strength and small body does not mean that he or she is any less than you.

Now, let’s talk about potty.

Set a routine

The one thing that children associate the most with is, Routine. Not just for potty training, setting up a routine not only imbibes discipline but a sense of security and comfort. As parents, you need to realize the importance of setting up a routine and be consistent with it. It also helps parents, especially new parents to remember important things and keep a track amidst all the chaos. If your child is already two years or older, it will take more time and effort to reset the entire habit system but if you have a younger child, a little effort and persuasion will help you achieve the target.

Just as you start setting and settling in routines, your child will start being responsive towards these new trends and you will figure the right time to introduce toilet training. The sooner you begin toilet training the better. As I mentioned earlier, children are twice as smart and far more in control of their brains than us adults! It is because they are able to focus unconditionally.

potty training simplified

Potty training is a difficult, time consuming and often disappointing process. Parents need to keep their calm and remember the two things that will help you achieve your goal, Patience and Praise!


Toddlers and even infants understand our expressions, emotions and gestures very well. Talking to your child about pee pee and poo poo through stories, songs, expressions and gestures will help them associate to the process. A child is always learning and their brain is way more flexible than an adult brain. Here are a few ways through which you can communicate effectively with your child:

  1. Tell them stories. It is not that difficult to make up stories about potty, or is it?
  2. Role Play. Using their dolls and toys you can easily teach them about what one should do when they feel the urge to release. This will also help them identify the urge.
  3. Do not shame them or scare them. If you give them a negative message in this process, there is a possibility that they will delay their response further.
  4. Always encourage them but do not obsess over it or force them. Any kind of negative impact should be avoided.
  5. Last but not the least, it’s just potty. They will eventually learn the right way a bit sooner or later.
  6. So just enjoy the process and avoid stress!

finding the right potty seat

There must be a lot many options available in the market and online. But before you buy, do a detailed survey of what suits you best and don’t forget to check the reviews.

Here are some recommendations:

http://Fisher-Price Perfect Fit Potty Ring

http://Primo Freedom Trainer

other products to encourage potty training


Wish you good luck!

Happy Toilet Training!

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