With 2020 in full rage on all humanity, celebrations are not the same anymore. No more fancy dinners, no holiday plans, basically life is at a standstill and no one knows what’s coming next!

And when it’s Father’s Day, we surely want to have the best celebration. But what to do with such limited options not to mention the online parties that have started to bore us already!

Fathers are special and this day is your chance to make him feel special.

So, here is a foolproof weekly plan to keep children engaged and productive at the same time.

MyHippocampus presents #5ideas-5days to make this Father’s Day really memorable 🙂

The 5 ideas 5 days plan as is understood by the name itself is a 5 day activity plan. Children, teenagers, even adults can take inspiration from this plan. For 5 days we will be making a gift item together. We will start on Wednesday and by Sunday everyone will have 5 gifts, handmade with pure love and passion, to give to their Dads. And what’s more ?

If you post your work on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube with a hashtag #5ideas5days, and tag @MyHippocampus you will get a chance to win exciting prizes. This is not a competition though, but a promotion of sorts, where everyone is free to share even if they want to share their own gift idea. This is a promotion of the day, and the emotion that we all have for the main man of our lives.

Here is my plan

treasure box

We will begin by making a Treasure Box.

You will need:

*A cardboard box

*Gift wrapping paper or construction paper


*Decorative papers, stickers, etc


In his video, I have used an old shoe box and papers to cover the box.

photo album

On Day 2, we are making a super easy and pretty photo album. Let your child look around for old pictures of their Dad. This activity is built to develop bonding and understanding. Sharing old memories will not only make children happy but parents will alsp love going down the memory lane with their child!

we will need:

*Old photographs

*A4 size printer paper


*Foam sheet

*Paper punching machine

*Ribbon or thread

*Printed crafting paper

*Decorative material (As per choice)


I used 6 printer sheets to make an album that can store about 12 photos. Anything more than this will be tiring for children.


Children love thrill, suspense and secrets. When I came across this secret message card i almost felt the thrill that a scratch and see the secret kind of a card would bring. More so when you get to make one. Even more when its easy and hassle free to make!

You will need:

*A4 size crafting paper

*Cello tape

*Acrylic paint

*Liquid Dishwashing soap

*Paint brush

*Fine marker





Make sure to do a lot of layers of the paint. Thicker layers will hide the message properly and will be fun to scrape off with a coin.

Also dry the paint completely to avoid mess.


Why miss a chance to tell your Dad that he is the super hero of your life!

An easy to make super hero key chain will always bring a smile to his face 🙂

You will need:

*Square shaped thick construction paper (I used some flash cards from an old frozen themed board game)


*Yellow paint

*Red paint

*Paint brush

*Thin plastic sheet

*Folder ring or an old key ring/chain


You can use any super hero of your choice. For further perfection you can download the logo and trace it.

breakfast in bed

Today is the big day and to start it off in style for your hero, what can be better than a lovely breakfast in bed along with your treasure box that was curated so painstakingly.

Breakfast in bed should be customized according your family traditions, taste and preference.

While quaranteens can experiment with an elaborate breakfast, the younger ones can keep it simple with the help of their mommies.

Some more options to add to your treasure box:

  • A pen drive with a collection of his favorite music
  • A customized face mask
  • Hand made bouquet
  • Chocolates
  • Cake
  • Cookies

Do share your pictures and tag me @MyHippocampus with the hashtag #5ideas5days on instagram, facebook and youtube.

Happy Father’s Day everyone.

Stay home, stay safe!

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