Every expecting mother should read this!

I still remember the thought of childbirth as the most unnerving, petrifying and full of uncertainty! The imagination of natural birth would give me the chills and I often thought I may not even make it alive!

After being almost convinced for a C-Section, someone gifted me some printouts, highly advocating about the efficacy of some fancy childbirth classes she attended during her pregnancy. I had googled everything possible and read all the books on childbirth and this printout was going to change my mind, I chuckled!

These were the words printed on top of the page

So this was how I was introduced to the world famous Lamaze program for childbirth.

The Lamaze technique, also known as the psychoprophylactic method or simply Lamaze, began as a prepared childbirth technique, popularized in the 1950s by FrenchobstetricianDr. Fernand Lamaze based on his observations in the Soviet Union, as an alternative to medical intervention during childbirth. The goal of Lamaze is to build a mother’s confidence in her ability to give birth, through the presentation of classes that help pregnant women understand how to cope with pain in ways that both facilitate labor and promote comfort, including relaxation techniques, movement and massage.[1] (sourcehttps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamaze_technique)

The Lamaze six healthy birth practices are:

Opt for the natural process of childbirth. It ensures that your body and baby are ready for labor.

Moving around helps the baby to move swiftly to the birth canal.
Your partner, family member or friend will provide you the comfort and support you need at this time
Although this is controversial but research states that unnecessary medical interventions during an otherwise normal and healthy childbirth can cause more harm than good.
Keep your prize very close and preferably make a skin to skin contact.

Rhythmic breathing techniques

Breathing your baby down (making guttural noises while you push as opposed to long lengths of holding your breath), short breath holding, and spontaneous pushing are also known to reduce the risk of episiotomies and tears to the perineum. When you first feel the urge to push, typically just at the peak of a contraction, try using the words, ‘Pop-pop-pop-pop’ over and over again in a loud voice. Sing it if you need to! Ease your way over those pushy peeks until you feel a strong urge to push. Then, when you do, bear down in a way that feels positive to you. At the end of each contraction, blow ‘horse lips’ to loosen the tension in your jaw and neck. This will also allow you to be more relaxed during the break between pushes, in order to save your energy.

Source https://www.bbcroc.com/bbc/lamaze-healthy-birth-practice-5-get-upright-and-follow-the-urge-to-push/

So trust your body and your natural instincts. And find your nearest Lamaze class, and if it’s not available in your city, these links will be helpful for you to get all the information






Every childbirth experience is unique and special, just remember, your body is designed to give birth!

Good luck!

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