COVID-19 and The circle of life!

The virus has taken our entire world by a storm. Nothing remains unaffected, but nature has its cycle going on.

The seasons are changing, trees are blooming and children are being born!

This article is for soon to be parents and new parents who must be scared as a rabbit in a wolf’s den!

So here is what you need to know, the precautions you need to take and the chill pill you need to swallow!

Will I get proper medical care?

Firstly as far as the medical fraternity is concerned, most hospitals are taking measures at par to maintain hygiene and proper sanitisation is mandatory at all health care centers.

But you must do full research and do not hesitate in asking any questions and express all your concerns to the hospital staff.

What should I check before deciding on my hospital?

The number one factor for deciding the hospital or nursing home should be the Doctor. A good doctor makes all the difference. You must talk to other patients who have recently given birth and ask them how their experience was in these times.

Will my childbirth choices get affected by the pandemic situation?

The pandemic will not affect the mode of birth you choose. Be it a natural birth or a c-section, in both cases, the hospital provides full care and support to the patient.

Will my Partner and I be tested for the virus ?

Yes. In the best interest of yours and your babies health, you and your partner will be tested for the virus.

What if I am tested positive ? How Will it affect childbirth and my baby ?

If you test positive there will be extra care and precaution taken throughout your childbirth and afterwards. You will be constantly monitored for fetal distress.

Will I be allowed to keep the baby with me?

Unless there is a medical condition with your baby, your hospital will allow the child to be with you. In some countries, when the babies were separated from their mothers, it was reported that it caused negative effects on feeding and bonding. So unless your baby requires a neonatal unit, the standard practice is to keep the mother and child together.

Will I be able to breastfeed my child?

There is currently no evidence that the virus can be carried through breast milk. In fact, breast milk will provide the required immunity to your child.

But you need to take the necessary precautions while breast feeding.

* Wash your hands and the feeding area very well every time you feed your child.

* If you cough or sneeze while feeding, make sure to wear a mask and keep your face as far away as possible

* Consider expressing milk and a non infected partner or family member can feed the child.

Try and isolate at home as soon as your Doctor allows you to.

Keep a close watch on your baby and immediately seek help if you notice any thing unusual.

But do not panic. Keep your calm and maintain your sanity through music, books and looking at the beautiful face of your newborn!

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