Celebrating the biggest asset of a nation- Teachers!

Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together.

Scott Hayden

If a student is the lamp, teachers are the oil that keeps the fire burning. The most important things that have stayed with me have been taught by my teachers.

Sometimes other relationships too play an important role of a teacher, be it your parents or friends.

At every age our teachers continue to influence our lives.

This teachers Day, i want to tell all the teachers all over the world that how important they are in shaping and building the people of a nation. So they must know the paramount responsibility that comes with their jobs.

Here are 5 interesting facts about teachers.

Everything that you say remains with the child, sometimes forever.

Yes, that’s true. Research shows that what teachers say to their students, positive or negative tends to stay with them for most of their lives.

So we should always choose to be motivating. Sometimes the daily hustle and workload gets on your nerves, but remember that the ones you are working for should never be your punching bag.

There are more than 7 million teachers in India

Figures released by the Indian government in 2011 show that there were 5,816,673 elementary school teachers in India. As of March 2012 there were 2,127,000 secondary school teachers in India.

That sounds like a majority, doesn’t it!

A vast majority of teachers are women.

This may not be that surprising. But what is commendable is the fact that there is one profession in which women have left men behind, at least in terms of numbers.

Teachers work more than you know!

Taking classes, preparing for lectures, checking the work done by students, preparing worksheets and assessments, doing research, the list goes on.

And to top this, all the house work that is never counted.

Learning when not teaching.

A teacher is always learning. They are always thorough with the topic they are teaching about.

And unlike in a corporate world, they have to do it at their expense and put in extra hours apart from their work hours.

Teachers build Teachers

We deserve a little more than a teacher’s day message and card. Or flowers. Or a pen.

A gift is what we seldom want, what we want and need is a strong supporting community.

So let’s build each other up. If you know a teacher who inspires you or has motivated you, tag her and share this article for her.

Let’s show each other how much we respect and admire each other.


Share, tag and spread the love!

Wish you all a very happy teachers day!

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