Keeping toddlers busy at home is a challenge most parents face, nowadays more than ever!

It is a daunting task and their interest and attraction shifts from one activity to another in a matter of minutes.

So here is a DIY Busy board that you can make at home with basic supplies available at home.

This busy board is super easy to assemble and will surely keep your toddler busy and happy!

And it will be a bonus if you could involve your toddler in making it. Then it will be his/her prized possession.

Material required:

A canvas board

Construction paper

Toilet paper rolls

Fevicol or a glue gun

An old zipper

A paint palette and brush

Sticky notes

Paper tape

A string

Any other material that you can fit in like sequinned fabric or a box

Paper clips



Step 1.

You can splash the canvas with paint or paste colourful paper on it. I have put a gold and white print paper in the centre and left the sides.

Step 2.

Cover the toilet paper roll with construction paper.

Step 3.

Assemble the rolls in a straight line. This creates a tunnel. Your child can pass a ping pong ball or small objects like pencils, erasers etc.

Step 4.

Stick the colour palette with fevicol or glue gun. But make sure you use a strong adhesive because we don’t want things breaking soon.

Step 5.

Just below the palette, assemble sticky notes.

Now your child can use these paints to her hearts desire without messing up anything.

Step 5.

Cut out a zipper from an old bag or you can get a new zipper from the market.

Paste it on the other side of the canvas.

Step 6.

You can put some paper clips on the canvas.

Step 7.

Assemble anything else that you want, use items such as a lock and key, switch board etc.

But don’t over load the board with unnecessary things.

Step 8.

If you have stickers or any embellishments, use them in the spaces left out.

And Voila! Your DIY busy board is ready!!

Benefits of a busy board

Other than keeping your child busy for hours at end, busy boards have many other benefits as well.

1. Improves concentration.

2. Improves fine motor skills.

3. Improves Eye-hand coordination.

4. Improves thinking skills.

5. Improves cognition.

So what are you waiting for?

Make your own busy board and have lots of fun in bargain!!

A child’s mind is the best work of God! It experiences wonders in small things, it stays busy with simple ideas and the best part is that it is always learning and growing!

So when you are out of ideas or short of smiles, think like a child!

Ismat Sameer Ismail

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