Human behavior is very complicated but at the same time it is a whole body of science in itself. Having said that, human behavior has a systematic pattern and structure that can be understood through observation and experiment.

It can also be altered and improved through right knowledge and application.

Childhood in the same context is a very impressionable age. That is why, it is also very easy to change unwanted habits and behaviors into more positive and desirable forms in childhood.




According to Piaget and his theory of child development, there are four stages of child development.

But we have roughly divided the behavior patterns according to five stages of development.

Now that the problem has been discussed, it is time to talk about the solution.

Whatever the age, a parent’s response to the behavior is where the solution lies.

As parents you need to understand foremost that the behavior is not the problem. And consistency in your reaction to a behavior is important because behaving differently to the same behavior confuses the child!

Here are the three choices you have as a parent,

  • If the behavior is appropriate to the child’s age, then it is not a problem.
  • Attempt to stop the behavior by attending to it. If it doesn’t improve, then ignore it. And if it gets worse, stop it by using a mild form of punishment.
  • Introduce a new behavior alternative and reinforce it by rewarding your child every time the desired behavior is shown.

The saying “ignorance is bliss” must have been a parent’s discovery.

One of the biggest challenge parents face is the defiant behavior. It starts at an early age and can be a horror story for many years to come.

For parents at their wit’s end, behavioral therapy techniques can provide a roadmap to calmer and more consistent ways to manage problem behaviors and also offers a chance to children to regulate their own behavior.

By being an informed parent, you can bring in so much peace at home!

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