The ultimate guide to travelling with a teenager

You thought travelling with toddlers is difficult, ever travelled with a teeny whiny child ?

Those confused little grown ups who are angry all the time, get bored too easily and think that nothing about you is cool enough to please them.

Parenting a teenager includes getting offended and lowkey insulted every day. They are at their best form of rebel and they dislike things very easily.

So travelling with one grumpy, angry and disinterested teenager definitely requires a guide of it’s own and purely from personal experience, here it is!

Step 1: Involve in planning

By making them in charge of planning there is a good chance that you will have their interest throughout the trip.

Teenagers love to feel important and a sense of responsibility makes them feel grown up and validated.

So start off with involving them in planning the trip.

Whether it’s a road trip, train journey or air travel, family trips require a lot of planning and organising.

By following step 1, you have taught your child the following major life skills:

Checking availability of tickets

Reading a map ( In case of a road trip )

Comparing fares

How to look for deals on accommodation


Step 2: Packing

Packing is a tedious process and requires detailed planning. Forgetting to keep one small thing can affect the entire trip.

Let your teenager pack her stuff on her own.

Here is how you can guide her:

Start by taking a pen and paper.

Write down the dates, starting from the date of travel.

In front of each date, write down what exactly are you going to wear.

Once the clothes mapping is ready, write down all the essential items like toiletries, medicines, sanitary pads, shoes and accessories.

Provide them with plastic bags and ask them to iron and fold up the clothes neatly and put them up in plastic bags and mark it day wise.

By doing it this way, you can save up on the time while travelling, all your kid needs to do is take out the packet for the day and bam, they are ready to go!

Step 3: Entertainment

Entertaining your kid and keeping them engaged during travel is not so difficult when it comes to teenagers. They love being busy with themselves, chatting away with friends, reading, listening to music or social media shenanigans, they know their thing.

But guiding them to pack their stuff in the backpack, keeping all the chargers and power bank handy, keeping all devices safely and checking if they need any subscriptions is what you can help them with.

MHC recommends planning some interactive games that you can engage them in, that will keep them away from gadgets and help you bond better.

But remember, never to force. You are on a family holiday. Every one should get to enjoy it in whichever way they want.

Step 4: Meal planning.

Long journeys have a psychological hunger effect on people. We tend to eat more and more often. In these times, it is best if you pack your own food for the way, be it any mode of travel.

Include your teenager by discussing the meal plan with them. Take note of their preferences and choices.

A vacation is a time for everyone to enjoy and be happy, so consider the option of including junk food of their choice, let your kids have a say and value their input.

So hope these tips help you enjoy your family vacation and most of all, the main purpose of this post, that is to keep the teenager happy is solved to some extent!

Bon Voyage!



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