Handwriting 101 for parents

Key points

Handwriting is an important literacy skill for life.

Handwriting begins as early as toddlerhood with an introduction through chalk and crayon to formal writing skills at school.

Writing skills are co related to reading skills.

Importance of handwriting

In today’s world where everything is digital, keyboards and tablets have surpassed the writing interest and ability across generations.

Despite the ease these gadgets provide, handwriting still remains an important skill that every child must acquire.

Children who are able to write clearly and smoothly are high on confidence and they are able to express clearly as their flow of thoughts is better.

Children need to improve their writing skills as they have to complete their assignments and homework in a handwritten format.

A legible and smooth handwriting helps build confidence.

How to teach handwriting to children

How to deal with left handed children

Many children choose to write with their left hand, which is okay and experts claim that it is okay.

There are many reasons right from genetic disposition to sex, fetal environment, modelling parents to brain damage and adjustment from a hand injury.

Whatever the reason, it is absolutely okay to be left handed.

Toddlers handwriting 101

Toddlers love to scribble and are mostly excited to use writing instruments. All you need to do is give them the right guidance and equipment to improve their hand control and fine motor skills.

Provide them with crayons, chalk and blackboard so they can start their strokes early.

Teach them how to draw their favorite things like a fruit, sun, moon etc. This way they will learn to control their hand movement.

Do lot of fine motor skills activities with them to improve their grip.

Preschoolers handwriting 101

This is the time when they begin with writing straight lines, slanting lines, sleeping lines followed by curves. By starting the process stepwise, you can ensure that your child will easily form letters when he or she has to.

Formal handwriting 101

During the first two years at school, your child will learn to:

Form letters.

Recognise and spell frequently used words.

Put spaces between words.

Write letters and words in a similar size and line.

Handwriting Apps

You can find many apps that can help you with teaching handwriting in a fun way.

Some recommendations are

Cursive writing wizard

ABC tracing letters

MHC recommended toys and books

Click here to find some useful toys and books.

As parents it is a difficult task to teach handwriting to kids as they find it boring and many times it leads to tantrums.

All you need to do is make it a fun activity and get involved as it is a very crucial life skill for your child!

Wish you all the best.


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