Conversation starter pack for parents of teens.

If you are a parent to a teenager, you know what this means. Lack of communication is the top complaint that parents of teenagers have and it is also the top reason for unpleasantness between parents and children.

Most teenagers find their parents not ‘cool enough’ or too nagging which drifts them apart.

As a parent of two teenagers, I figured that trying to be cool for them or nagging them to spend more time makes things progressively worse. The more we tell them to stay out of the room or to stop listening to music and talk to us, the more out of topics we are!

So, I devised a plan.

And it did work!

And I am willing to share it with all the suffering parents who miss spending time with their kids.

But there are some rules to follow for this plan to work.


Act very casual. Don’t let them know your plan. Even when they don’t fall in your trap, let them go. But try again, at some other time.


Attempt at times when they are not engaged in something important. (Like listening to music, chatting with friends or ‘just chilling’)

Try it just after you finish doing lessons with them or just after meal times.


Never force them to answer. Respect their ‘lack of interest’. Basically don’t be clingy.

So here is the starter pack, it is a compilation of questions.

Intriguing questions, designed to catch their interest and start a conversation.

The trick is to be an interesting parent. No amount of coolness or knowledge is ever as good as being interesting. You need to keep trying and gauge what tickles their interest. What makes them stick with you. And then you have to work around on that topic and engage in wholesome and enriching conversations.

One more important thing to mention is that, just like no parent likes a fussy toddler, no fussy toddler (when turns into a teenager) wants a whiny parent.

So my advise to all the whiny parents is to try and be happy parents. Yelling usually doesn’t get things done.

Logic, respect and sternness is what gets things done.

Be a happy parent, make them believe that you are not angry and Whoosh- See the magic happen!

Any suggestions and additions are most welcome!

Wish you luck!

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