Winter Saga : How to keep kids safe during unpredictable weather in unprecedented times.

Winter is here!

And with it comes the unending saga of mothers trying to keep their children covered and protected and children trying to throw their layers off.

And to top it up we are sitting in a pandemic situation and as if that was not enough, there is winter rain too!

Too much trouble for poor moms everywhere.

So i have a winter ‘to-do list’ along with some expert advice and a ‘not-to-do list’ along with some home remedies to combat this one of a kind ‘winter situation.’

Bundle up your bundle of joy

Proper winter wear is an essential and it is pretty obvious you all know that. But you should know that layering is very tricky.

You layer them too much and they might over heat, too less and they will be cold.

Keep babies and little children protected from exposure to outside cold.

Stick up on winter accessories like socks, hats, gloves and mittens more than what is required.

Avoid an infection

It’s a common myth that cold weather causes colds, but it does not. Colds are caused mainly by viruses that we are more commonly exposed to in the winter.

Prevent colds and flus by

Ensure skin protection

Cold weather and low humidity can zap skin of moisture.

To ensure that the chubby cheek and soft skin remains the same, you must

Use gentle cleansers instead of bubble baths and soaps with fragrance. If your child’s skin is prone to get dry or itchy, try adding a little coconut oil or olive oil in their bathing water.

Moisturize immediately as soon as your child steps out.

Dryness causes licking, but the chemicals and bacteria in saliva are irritating to skin and lips. Dab petroleum jelly or a fragrance-free product all around your kid’s mouth.

Try a humidifier. “Using a humidifier, especially in your child’s room, can minimize the drying effects of the season,” says Anthony J. Mancini, M.D., an associate professor of pediatrics and dermatology at Northwestern University, in Chicago. For safety reasons, don’t place the humidifier near or directly over your child.

Last but most important – Don’t forget to hydrate

If they don’t like water, try hot chocolate, soups and juices but make sure they are hydrated enough because especially in winters, children tend to avoid drinking much water.

Hope you enjoy this weather and stay safe!

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