A special box for your daughter’s first period

There are emotions that a mother can’t even name when her little girl turns into a woman.

You feel scared, anxious, overwhelmed, worried, elated and joyful all at once. There is a riot of emotions!

Thankfully the Gen-Z is well informed and well aware of what is going to happen to them and they have a lot of avenues to get their questions answered.

But still a mother is always their ‘go-to’ person in times of crisis. So you should better prepare yourself and your daughter for her first period in advance.

A special period box

How about gifting her a special, well thought out box that includes everything she is going to need and more, on the day she gets her period. Not only will this make it a celebratory event, but also you won’t have to do any last minute preparations.

What you need

Here is a list of things you can put in the box

* Sanitary pads ( of course )

* Panty liners

* Dark comfortable panties

* Heating pad/ patches

* Spasm relieving medicine

* Her favourite chocolates

* A small pouch for carrying pads when going out

* Additional gifts like lip balm, bath bombs, face mask and a body lotion to make her feel good.

* A good book or a kindle subscription

* Any other gift that you want to fit in the box to make it more personalised. I added some gums, keychains, dream catcher etc.

* Last, but not the least, a nice box to fit it all in.

You can get the box personalised if you wish

Curating this box should be very thoughtful and you must know that the whole purpose of this box is to make her feel extra special. And it’s a very important event of her life, so put in the best effort!

Prepare this in advance and keep it at a place where she can find it even if in any unfortunate circumstances that if you are not around, she has your touch in the form of this box.

If you want the shopping list link, click here

Wish you all the very best for your special day.


Ismat Sameer.

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