New Year’s eve countdown bags for a fun family celebration

If you are staying home with family and planning to bring in the new year in your safe zone, then you must read along how to turn a simple and cozy new year eve into a fun bonanza.

The Omicron threat is real and with that comes an added responsibility too. Once again we are surrounded by uncertainty and fear. But let’s not be sad or anxious this time. Let’s make the most of the time we have and celebrate with our loved ones.

With limited options what can we really do to make it an exciting evening and bring in the new year with new energy, is the answer we all are looking for.

Ring in the new year with a joyful celebration full of surprises!

Special occasions strengthen family bonding. The festive cheer and positivity helps proliferate the goodness of relationships.

So this new year, let’s take advantage of the situation and do something that is fun and increases bonding between family members.

Countdown bags is a great idea to keep kids and adults engaged and the fun is non stop!

What is a countdown bag

A countdown bag is a bag which specifies the activity and instructions to be followed to do that activity and has all the material that is required to that activity or game. It can be used for birthday parties too!

So what you need to do?

First of all you need to decide how early you want to start the countdown. Every bag will have an activity or task that is going to last for around 40 minutes. So starting at 6:00 in the evening is good.

In that case, you need to prepare 6 countdown bags. If you think that’s a lot, you can decide on the number as per your family setting. If you start at 9:00 pm, you just have to make three bags.

How it works?

Set up a loud alarm for every hour. Children can take turns or take out chits and decide who is going to open the bag. The person who opens the bag also gets to explain the activity/ task to everyone. As soon as the bag is open, everyone gets to the task. You can also keep prizes and gifts for each hour!

What’s in the bag?

You need big paper or cloth bags to fill up all the material required for each hour. Label each bag with the corresponding time. The last one being 11:55.

Scavenger hunt

You can kick of the countdown with a scavenger hunt. Planning in indoors is a good idea as it’s going to be cold outside. Place things in advance and write up all the instructions and keep it in the bag. If you have young kids who can’t do it on their own, you and your partner can make teams and play along with the little ones. It will be so much fun!

Decoration supplies

You want the kids to be busy on their own for a while. Just pack in lot of streamers, balloons and other supplies and let them decorate the living area on their own!

Sounds like fun!

Festive dinner

Give them their favorite surprise! Put handmade menu from their favorite restaurant if you want to order in, or just keep your phone in this bag, and let them use order in app on their own.

If you are planning to prepare food at home, you can make a handmade menu of the options available for dinner at home.

Make it exciting for them, this is the last meal of this year.

New year resolution/ Goals

Place new year planners/ diaries in this bag for each family member. Let everyone sit together and discuss their new year resolutions and goals and urge them to use the planner for keeping a record.

Minute to win games

In this bag, you can pack in ‘minute to win games’ which go best in family settings.

Confetti & noise makers

It’s the last bag and we’ll be opening it 5 minutes before midnight. So create a blast with confetti, noisemakers laughter and fun!

Some more options:

  1. Cameras to capture the special moments
  2. Karaoke session
  3. Year end interviews
  4. Decorate a party hat
  5. Decorate cupcakes
  6. Board games

Hope you all enjoy the countdown and ring in the new year with a blast.

Happy new year!

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