Eyesight care in the digital world

Remember the days when screen time was a concern bigger than covid-19!

Excessive screen time was not just a problem parents had to battle, it also put them in a guilt trap most of the times. And like every other parenting issue, there was screen time shaming as well.

And here we are. With the pandemic taking over the world in its grip, everything changed.

And what changed the most was digitization of education!

Every where students are compelled to attend online classes. And this nasty turn is not limited to education itself. All forms of communication be it with family or friends or for extra curricular learning, everything happens in front of the screen.

That said, there is nothing that parents can do about it.

So what is it that you can do for optimal optical care.

Practice the 20-20-20 rule.

Originally discovered by Dr. Jeff Anshel in 1991, this rule tells us to:

  • Take breaks from screen every 20 minutes
  • Focus on something 20 feet (6 metres) away
  • Look at it for 20 seconds

Check with your optometrist

Keep up to date with your child’s prescription and go for regular eye checkups. You can discuss with your doctor if eye drops or artificial tears (known to replenish the moisture your eye needs) are a good choice for you and for your child.

Consider getting an anti glare screen

An anti glare screen uses a layer of coating to reflect light. It will help you to banish glare to a great extent. Alternatively, you can also position your screen away from a window to prevent glare. Lighting also plays an important role here, so you can substitute overhead lights with a desk lamp to reduce that effect.


Make sure to magnify the text size to large to reduce the strain.

Adjust screen display

Save the brightness of your child’s eye by reducing the brightness on the device. Don’t make it too bright or too dim. Your child’s eyes will experience more strain if the contrast between the text and the background is clashing.

Check the position of the device

Harvard health publishing’s article suggests that we keep our computer screens:

  • 2 feet away from the eyes
  • 4 to 8 inches below eye level

Some dietary suggestions

  • Keep your child hydrated.
  • Add fish, vegetables, nuts and seeds to her diet.
  • Curry leaves are a great source of vitamin A. You can make an infusion of curry leaves in water and drink it daily.
  • Triphala is a powerful combination of herbs known for many benefits, improving eyesight for one.

Rose water has soothing and cooling properties and according to ayurveda you can use it as an eyewash or just place cotton dipped with rose water on your eyes for a calming effect.



According to Ayurvedic astrology, the sun rules the eyes. Looking at the sun or sunbathing can improve vision. Start by doing it for 10 seconds. It will also prove to be a fun activity for your child.

But remember, sunbathing is recommended only at sunrise or sunset when harmful UV rays cannot injure the eyes. This exercise also clears your mind of depression and anxious thoughts, according to ayurveda.


Another beneficial ayurvedic exercise for eye care is Tratak or meditating on a candle flame without blinking. And i bet your child will enjoy this activity. You can do a fun challenge by a 2-3 minute timer and see who blinks first.

And may i add a last one to the list that happens to be every child’s (especially teenagers) favourite anyway!

Rolling the eyes!

Who knew it can prove to be a good eye exercise and parents would encourage it.

So it can finally be said that anything is possible after 2020!!

But jokes apart, we need to take our children’s eye care very seriously and do everything that we can.

Stay healthy and stay safe!

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