Ramadan for children

Hey guys!

So i just came across something amazing and had to share it right away. An amazing set of activities for children.

Fun ! Engaging ! Lots of Learning ! A great way to spend time with your kids while fasting.

Ramadan is the most awaited month of the year for muslims all over the world. During this month, families cherish the time spent on praying and fasting and refraining from all kinds of distractions.

Special feasts are being prepared and everything is so festive.

Children too, take part in the prayers and the festivities.

Considering the fact that since parents are mostly busy with the preparations and extra prayers, there is a possibility that the child is often left directionless, definitely not on purpose.

So i am sharing this wonderful 30 day project for children, that someone shared with me today. It’s origin is unknown but it is too good to not share.

You can take a printout and handover the daily tasks to your kids. It will not just keep your child busy but also provide a lot of learning. Ofcourse, depending on the age of your child, the amount of assistance required will vary.

And it’s definitely worth sharing!

Hope you find this useful.

Disclaimer: This file is not an original creation of MyHippocampus. The source has been unidentified. We are sharing it for others to benefit. In case, the owner of this file finds it objectionable, we will be glad to take it down.

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