Soul speaks- Food & relationships

Maslow (1943-1954) came up with a hierarchy of needs five stage model. It clearly states food as one of the most important basic need for survival. The others being air, water, shelter etc.

Maslow considered physiological needs (food, water, drinks and the likes) as the primary thing that motivates our behaviour. Every thing else is secondary.

When you are constantly depriving yourself of the pleasure of enjoying the foods that you love, facts such the one stated above, not just makes you happy but also makes you pick up your phone, download Zomato (again) and lust on the whole menu of all your favourite restaurants.

Also logically speaking Maslow did not include Nihari, biryani or cheesecakes in that bottom list. It is our soul that makes such wishes. The naive, blameless, half-starved soul.

Speaking of which, I get reminded of how my soul even loves in the language of food. Like, when I miss my mom, It usually means I miss the food she cooks. I rarely ever miss a person who has not fed me something worth missing.

Thinking out loud, can you think of anything about life that dissociates itself with food. Right from the sponge cake soaked in the butter icing, decorated with gems made by your aunt on your birthdays,

The double fried samosa in the school canteen stuffed with potatoes that were sometimes not even peeled properly,

The first bite of dominos pizza for the first time when it came to your city,

The chai break in office,

The Punjabi parathe,

The Mawari dal baati,

The Sindhi dal pakwaan,

The siwaiyan on Eid and modak during ganpati festival, Gujiya on Diwali and Rum cake on christsmas.

Is there any occasion, festival or event that was made memorable by eating oats daliya ?

Even on a mundane, ordinary day during different seasons, doesn’t the soul celebrate through food ?

It was the pure soul of a wise man or woman who thought of making pakoras when it rained.

Even Maslow has divided our needs into deficiency needs (D-needs) and being needs (B-needs).

Deficiency needs arise due to deprivation and such needs become stronger the longer duration they are denied. The point being, food is not a requirement. It has a deep relationship with the soul (although I am going to uninstall Zomato without ordering) one must indulge from time to time, relive the memories, celebrate life and cherish their relationships.

After all, life is so endlessly delicious!

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