The best way(s) to celebrate ‘Valentines day’ with kids

It’s Valentines Day and it’s not just love that’s in the air!

The internet is buzzing with flash discounts on e-commerce websites, Pinterest ideas, and whatnot on Instagram, not to mention Tinder and the like.

Why should families be left out when the entire world is celebrating love? After all, love is at the heart of this worldwide celebration, and who can disagree that the most sacred love is that between parent and child?

But here’s a little secret: our children aren’t readily swayed by gifts. Not in the long run, at least. They won’t remember the decorations you utilised, such as frills and candles. They might even forget about the crafts you made or the gifts you gave them. They will, however, remember how you made them feel!

So, here’s how to start a family tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day and creating lasting memories.

Make love notes and stick them all over the house

Decorate doors and windows with heart-shaped sticky notes or construction paper cutouts. Make everyone write significant things on them, but don’t praise them excessively or say things that aren’t true. Giving children fake compliments makes them bitter since they know it isn’t true.

Do a random act of kindness together

It’s a terrific day to express affection for fellow humans because we’re teaching them the virtue of love. Showing compassion to others is another approach to build a lasting memory to treasure. Here are a few options for doing so:

  • Make food parcels (cookies, sandwiches, roti wraps or cupcakes) of items that you can make with the help of your kids. Distribute those parcels to the needy.
  • Visit an old age home and hand out a seasonal plant to the elderly. You can decorate the planter with hearts or red ribbon.
  • Bake cookies or a smoothie and make small parcels. Then go on a long drive. Hand over those parcels to the traffic policemen you find on the signals.

Visit a botanical garden or plant trees

Invest in more plants rather than pricey bouquets. Spend time in the garden with your children. Here’s another worthwhile activity. Purchase a few flower plants and have your children rename each one. Allow them to discuss the characteristics of that blossom and choose a name for it. If they name the bloom after someone you know or a friend, give it to them on the way back!

Make Valentine themed meals

Meals are the best way to bond with family. You don’t have to necessarily make heart shaped cookies or spend hours on aesthetics of the food. Just turn a simple meal of their choice into something special in these easy ways:

  • Use the best cutlery & napkins that you have.
  • Hide little notes in the folds of the napkin, under the plate or inside the bowl.
  • Write songs, puzzles or jokes on those notes. Sing, tease and laugh and have a memorable meal together!

Hope this family tradition goes a long way in your homes and forever in your memories!

Happy Valentines Day!

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