7 Reasons why it is time to let your son cry like a girl!

It’s time to break the stereotypes of ‘boys don’t cry’ & ‘act like a man’.

It is also high time to ditch the double standards where showing emotions is regarded as weak and being cold is the equivalent of being manly!

For generations men have been labelled as ‘girly’ or ‘weak’ for showing emotions but it is time to stop passing on this trauma and let them feel and regulate their emotions in a natural way.

Human beings- male or female, are intrinsically wired to have emotions. Hence it is one of the primal human need. Feelings of love help us have good relationships, sadness helps us process the difficulties that life imposes on us, happiness keeps us motivated to live and anger helps us protect ourselves from harm.

Asking a human being to repress his/her emotions have the most undesirable effects on them. When we don’t teach our children or allow them to manage their emotions they come out in the most negative ways.

This is why you should encourage your son to manage his emotions well.

Unregulated emotions lead to aggressive behavior.

Various studies have linked aggression in young men to suppressed emotions. Emotional regulation needs to be learnt through practice and when we shut our emotions, they come out in the ugliest of ways.

Emotionally Intelligent men are the strongest.

Being able to understand your own emotions helps a person have healthy relationships. Inability to manage your emotions leads to lack of communication and a lack of empathy.

Help him have a better mental health.

Suppressing emotions causes shame, feelings of worthlessness and identity confusion. When you help your son to recognize his emotions and process them, you give him a lifelong gift of a better mental health.

To help him stay away from addictions.

Addictions is an easy resort to run away from your emotions. There are various types of addictions like food, gambling, alcohol, drugs, sex or even technology.

He will have a healthier lifestyle.

Suppressed emotions are linked with heart diseases, stress and high blood pressure. Do you see why you really need to help him regulate and express his feelings freely?

Lack of empathy

Did you know that people who do not have empathy are more likely to commit crimes of harming other people. Hardening to one’s own emotions also hardens them to other people’s emotions.

Lack of confidence.

When you allow your son to express his emotions you also prepare him to be fearless and that makes him more confident!

Imagine a world where families had men who wouldn’t run away from their problems or harm others, rather who would step up, accept and communicate with ease. Emotional intelligence is also learning to admit your mistakes and take responsibility for your actions.

It is time to raise boys who know their primal needs, are able to identify them and see no shame in being a human-just like their counterparts.


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