Things to teach your kids about Lunar eclipse or ‘Blood moon’

Table of contents

What is a lunar eclipse?

What is ‘Blood moon’

Date and time in India

Things to do

Lunar eclipse activities for kids

Fun facts

Useful links

What is a Lunar eclipse

What is a Lunar eclipse

What is ‘Blood Moon’

When the Earth moves between the sun and the moon, therefore blocking the sun’s rays from striking the moon, it is called a Lunar eclipse.

During a lunar eclipse, the Earth’s shadow can be seen on the Moon’s surface.

During a total eclipse, the moon looks red. This is because sunlight contains all the colours of the rainbow. The Earth’s atmosphere bends and scatters the colours. Red travels further than the other colours so it becomes the colour of the shadow of the Earth!

Date and time in India

The last lunar eclipse of the year 2022 is going to happen on 8th November 2022.

A total lunar eclipse will be visible in the northeastern states of India. Apart from India, it will be visible in The United States of America, Australia, Asia & the Pacific. On Tuesday, as soon as the moon rises in the evening, the lunar eclipse will be visible.

It will start at 05:32 pm and end at 06:18 pm.

Things to do with kids

Make your own lunar eclipse. You will need one orange, one lemon and a torch.

Place the orange and lemon in a line about 8 inches apart.

Hold the torch about two feet away at the same level as the orange and lemon.

What happens?

Lunar eclipse activities for kids

Some useful links :

DIY Lunar eclipse treats

Eclipse spinner

Solar/lunar eclipse working model

Fun facts

  • This phenomenon wouldn’t happen if the moon was smaller or even at a farther or closer distance.
  • For thousands of years, our ancestors looked at the reddish colour of the moon with fear and dread.
  • Some stories from the Hindus said that the lunar eclipse was the result of a demon named Rahu who consumed the elixir of immortality. The twin Gods of the sun and moon would behead Rahu, however, due to the elixir his head would be immortal and would chase the sun & moon in revenge. Some people believed the lunar eclipse could bring bad luck. They covered all the water and food and performed cleansing rituals.
  • Native American tribes in California called the Hupa and luiseño thought that the total eclipse was a sign that the moon was sick or hurt. They performed rituals to heal the moon.
  • The Batammaliba people of Benin and Togo in Africa believed that the lunar eclipse is an argument between the sun and the moon. They encouraged resolving conflicts between people during an eclipse.
  • In Islam, there are no superstitions or beliefs about eclipses.
  • Christianity has always associated a total lunar eclipse with God’s anger and associated it with Jesus’ crucifixion.
  • Lunar eclipses occur more than you think. The 21st century will see 85 lunar eclipses which means they will occur around every 2.3 years.
  • A syzygy is the alignment of the Earth, Sun and Moon.

Useful links:

Watch the live stream on the 8th November Lunar eclipse :


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