How to weave family stories for your kids and why are they better than fairytales

If the bedtime story ritual is your thing as a parent, then you would know the pain of always being short of which story to tell. As much as our kids love these stories, they also get bored of the same ones.

So here is a superb idea for a lifetime supply of interesting stories with a very high repeat value!

Family stories can have a lasting impact on your growing child. When you narrate incidents in the form of stories about your grandfather, great-grandfather, parents, uncles, siblings, faraway cousins and so on, your child becomes a part of your history.

Your kids are likely to be more engaged in listening to relatable stories about people they love and can even see them in person in most cases! Do you need more reasons?

Well, here we go.

It is a great way to give them history lessons!

When you weave a story based on incidents about your family, you can include many lessons in history. For instance, you can talk about the British rule in India while telling your great-grandfather’s story. They will retain this indirect information in such a way that when they study about it in school, it will be a piece of cake for them to learn.

You can introduce various cultures to them through stories

Stories are a great way to teach about various cultures and they leave a positive impact and make a child more accepting of a culture that is different from theirs. Narrating a story of how someone who went abroad to study and the challenges they faced with food, language and culture. In just one story they can learn about an entire country, its people, places and so much more!

They will more likely be attached to family

Why do our kids love Dr Suess or Peter Pan? It is because we tell them to. When we make them worth telling stories about, we make them meaningful and loved. Storytelling is more than just a bedtime fun ritual. It engraves information in your child’s brain. When we tell stories about family, they develop love and affection for their family members. It goes far beyond just keeping the family heritage. It is the best way of record keeping if you understand the perspective.

Share your love story instead of Rapunzel’s

Most parents shy away or feel hesitant about sharing their love stories with their kids. But there are various studies that show that showing appropriate affection towards your partner in front of your kids is reassuring and has a positive effect on their mental health. Being a role model for what a healthy relationship looks like makes them more resilient and prepares them for more healthy relationships in the future.

Tell them stories about how you met, your first date and your wedding stories. They might do a little eww or feel a little embarrassed about certain things. But they need to hear this!

Share your feedback and if you do happen to benefit from this post, please do mention it in the comments.

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