COVID-19 and The circle of life!

The virus has taken our entire world by a storm. Nothing remains unaffected, but nature has its cycle going on. The seasons are changing, trees are blooming and children are being born! This article is for soon to be parents and new parents who must be scared as a rabbit in a wolf’s den! SoContinue reading “COVID-19 and The circle of life!”

Refrigerator Mother Theory

Living in a progressive world where LGBTQ have their rights, where women stand as equals to men and mental health is not a taboo anymore, can you even imagine an era where mothers were blamed for their child’s ‘autistic syndrome’. Not by their husbands, relatives or the infamous mother in laws, but by doctors, scientistsContinue reading “Refrigerator Mother Theory”

The best gift you can give this Rakshabandhan!

2020 has been a year of distress, devastation and disease. People all over the world have suffered emotionally and financially. And this doesn’t seem to end for most of us. But at the onset of the festivals in my country, a brazen thought came to my mind. On that note, here is an idea forContinue reading “The best gift you can give this Rakshabandhan!”

Every expecting mother should read this!

I still remember the thought of childbirth as the most unnerving, petrifying and full of uncertainty! The imagination of natural birth would give me the chills and I often thought I may not even make it alive! After being almost convinced for a C-Section, someone gifted me some printouts, highly advocating about the efficacy ofContinue reading “Every expecting mother should read this!”

The Right way to ‘Apologise’ to your child!

You had a late night working (or partying) and the morning thereafter you snooze your alarm for 10 minutes only to wake up one hour late. Everything is a mess and you are rushing your way to get breakfast done, get kids ready, get yourself ready. Amidst this chaos, your toddler asks for the pancakesContinue reading “The Right way to ‘Apologise’ to your child!”


In our ever developing, constantly emergent and fast moving world, life is so pleasantly easy and simplified, yet the way of living is becoming complicated by the minute! Technology has taken over our lives (more for the good than bad) and information is available at the tip of the finger. Parenting is not an exceptionContinue reading “CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS: A GUIDE FOR PARENTS”


With 2020 in full rage on all humanity, celebrations are not the same anymore. No more fancy dinners, no holiday plans, basically life is at a standstill and no one knows what’s coming next! And when it’s Father’s Day, we surely want to have the best celebration. But what to do with such limited optionsContinue reading “‘CORONIALS’ AND ‘QUARANTEENS’, HERE’S HOW TO HAVE A SPECIAL FATHER’S DAY CELEBRATION IN 2020”


Our brain is the organ which controls the nervous system. With the Spinal cord, it makes up the central nervous system. With the help of the information it receives from the sensory organs, our brain pretty much controls all the activities of the human body. So basically, Mr B who happens to be the bigContinue reading “PEE-PEE AND POO POO, I AM GONNA GET YOU!”

I Know what you did this lockdown!

Right from late night television binge watching to having no fixed routine for bathing, meal times, physical activity, whatsoever. And getting dressed up in decent, presentable clothes has been long forgotten. Pyjamas are the new ripped jeans and hair goals have changed to “messy hair, who cares?” Umm, well honestly your kids are not toContinue reading “I Know what you did this lockdown!”


Two fish are swimming in the sea, one is from Holland, the other is from England. The English fish sees the Dutch fish, waves his fin, and says, “Hi!” The Dutch fish panics and says, “Where?! Where?!” In Dutch the word haai, which sounds like “hi,” means “shark.” For all you may know, your kid mightContinue reading “DUTCH FISH DON’T SAY ‘HI’”


Covid-19 has put us in uncharted waters. We are all struggling in numerous ways, aren’t we. Not to mention the infamous unavailability of the toilet paper. And amongst the various strugglers, should I mention the struggles of the True Gen. The first generation of true digital natives! With absolutely no schools, extra curricular options orContinue reading “ONLINE CLASSES, GEN-ZERS AND THE ART OF EFFECTIVE LISTENING”

The Qualitative theory of simple parenting!

Often times, in our day to day routines, we tend to rush through everything. Right from how to wake up our children from their precious sleep to hurriedly feeding breakfast and sending them off to school. For all of us who are working are able to see them only once we are back from office,Continue reading “The Qualitative theory of simple parenting!”