Story Maker

“Great stories happen to those who can tell them”- Ira Glas

Story maker is an Initiative to create real life, inspiring and fun stories enabling little readers to get a real world perspective from an early age. The world is evolving and our story telling needs to evolve too!

Our motto is #saynotofairytails, because we are no longer raising damsels in distress who need to be saved by a prince charming. Our children need to be taught a purpose of their being right from the very beginning.

Story Maker has curated stories based on real life incidents and modern world ethos.

If you want the world to know your child’s special story, connect with us on our email. We will have a small chat with your child and find out one interesting story from their life which also has a learning for others or is humorous and entertaining.

The deal is : Your story-Our words

Every Story book comes with a list of age appropriate Sight Words at the back for an enriching learning experience.

This is a story of Aro the Puffer fish.

It is based on a true incident that happened under the sea. Click here to explore this fun story and worksheets for enhanced learning of the sea world!

Ana Learns Homophones

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