Polish your shoes- A lesson in parenting

Well if you think this post is about preaching parenting lessons or some enlightening parenting trick, then no that’s not what this is about. Before we begin, I also want to share one learning from my experience of fifteen years of parenting. You can never be an expert parent. Not even after a lifetime ofContinue reading “Polish your shoes- A lesson in parenting”


WORLD BREASTFEEDING WEEK 2021- CELEBRATED EVERY YEAR FROM 1ST AUGUST TO 7TH AUGUST. But what about those who don’t want to breastfeed ? We don’t know their story and we won’t judge them. Breastfeeding a baby should be a choice reserved exclusively for the mother. We may not know her reasons. She may have PCOSContinue reading “BREASTFEEDING- A CONTEMPORARY PERSPECTIVE.”

3 day detox diet to wash all your sins away!

It is that time of the year when suddenly all the festivities end and we are left with a bloated body and lot of guilt. Also the fresh start psychology urges us to make resolutions and the number one resolution worldwide is eating healthy and losing more weight. But sitting with all the excess caloriesContinue reading “3 day detox diet to wash all your sins away!”

New Year’s eve countdown bags for a fun family celebration

We are all waiting to get rid of 2020, aren’t we? And we must admit that this year’s celebration is going to be very different, given the circumstances. With limited options what can we really do to make it an exciting evening and bring in the new year with new energy, is the answer weContinue reading “New Year’s eve countdown bags for a fun family celebration”

A special box for your daughter’s first period

There are emotions that a mother can’t even name when her little girl turns into a woman. You feel scared, anxious, overwhelmed, worried, elated and joyful all at once. There is a riot of emotions! Thankfully the Gen-Z is well informed and well aware of what is going to happen to them and they haveContinue reading “A special box for your daughter’s first period”

Winter Saga : How to keep kids safe during unpredictable weather in unprecedented times.

Winter is here! And with it comes the unending saga of mothers trying to keep their children covered and protected and children trying to throw their layers off. And to top it up we are sitting in a pandemic situation and as if that was not enough, there is winter rain too! Too much troubleContinue reading “Winter Saga : How to keep kids safe during unpredictable weather in unprecedented times.”

5 Ted talks to share with your children

We all need motivation from time to time, children even more so. But the thing with children especially teenagers is that they don’t want to be preached. If you are a parent who wants to inspire and ignite the growth mindset of your child then you must share these Ted talks with your child. Don’tContinue reading “5 Ted talks to share with your children”

Conversation starter pack for parents of teens.

If you are a parent to a teenager, you know what this means. Lack of communication is the top complaint that parents of teenagers have and it is also the top reason for unpleasantness between parents and children. Most teenagers find their parents not ‘cool enough’ or too nagging which drifts them apart. As aContinue reading “Conversation starter pack for parents of teens.”