Things to teach your kids about Lunar eclipse or ‘Blood moon’

Table of contents What is a lunar eclipse ? What is ‘Blood moon’ Date and time in India Things to do Lunar eclipse activities for kids Fun facts Useful links What is a Lunar eclipse What is ‘Blood Moon’ When the Earth moves between the sun and the moon, therefore blocking the sun’s rays fromContinue reading “Things to teach your kids about Lunar eclipse or ‘Blood moon’”

7 Reasons why it is time to let your son cry like a girl!

It’s time to break the stereotypes of ‘boys don’t cry’ & ‘act like a man’. It is also high time to ditch the double standards where showing emotions is regarded as weak and being cold is the equivalent of being manly! For generations men have been labelled as ‘girly’ or ‘weak’ for showing emotions butContinue reading “7 Reasons why it is time to let your son cry like a girl!”

The best way(s) to celebrate ‘Valentines day’ with kids

It’s Valentines Day and it’s not just love that’s in the air! The internet is buzzing with flash discounts on e-commerce websites, Pinterest ideas, and whatnot on Instagram, not to mention Tinder and the like. Why should families be left out when the entire world is celebrating love? After all, love is at the heartContinue reading “The best way(s) to celebrate ‘Valentines day’ with kids”

Polish your shoes- A lesson in parenting

Well if you think this post is about preaching parenting lessons or some enlightening parenting trick, then no that’s not what this is about. Before we begin, I also want to share one learning from my experience of fifteen years of parenting. You can never be an expert parent. Not even after a lifetime ofContinue reading “Polish your shoes- A lesson in parenting”


WORLD BREASTFEEDING WEEK 2021- CELEBRATED EVERY YEAR FROM 1ST AUGUST TO 7TH AUGUST. But what about those who don’t want to breastfeed ? We don’t know their story and we won’t judge them. Breastfeeding a baby should be a choice reserved exclusively for the mother. We may not know her reasons. She may have PCOSContinue reading “BREASTFEEDING- A CONTEMPORARY PERSPECTIVE.”

3 day detox diet to wash all your sins away!

It is that time of the year when suddenly all the festivities end and we are left with a bloated body and lot of guilt. Also the fresh start psychology urges us to make resolutions and the number one resolution worldwide is eating healthy and losing more weight. But sitting with all the excess caloriesContinue reading “3 day detox diet to wash all your sins away!”

New Year’s eve countdown bags for a fun family celebration

If you are staying home with family and planning to bring in the new year in your safe zone, then you must read along how to turn a simple and cozy new year eve into a fun bonanza. The Omicron threat is real and with that comes an added responsibility too. Once again we areContinue reading “New Year’s eve countdown bags for a fun family celebration”