A ‘To-don’t-list’ for the new year

We are all headed towards diving into a new year- and usually the last few days of the year passing by stimulate a lot of reflection, planning and the desire to restart again! Yet this year again, we are surrounded with uncertainty and wariness. Here is a take on how to identify what really mattersContinue reading “A ‘To-don’t-list’ for the new year”

How not to check your phone the first thing when you get up!

If you are someone who is constantly on a journey of self-improvement, trying to eat healthy, get fit, acing it at work/home but on the verge of a burnout because you are trying to do so much, all at once, try this one simple habit that can literally change the tone of how you startContinue reading “How not to check your phone the first thing when you get up!”

Soul speaks- Food & relationships

Maslow (1943-1954) came up with a hierarchy of needs five stage model. It clearly states food as one of the most important basic need for survival. The others being air, water, shelter etc. Maslow considered physiological needs (food, water, drinks and the likes) as the primary thing that motivates our behaviour. Every thing else isContinue reading “Soul speaks- Food & relationships”