Cloud Play Dough

Take a break from regular play doughs and make this cloud dough with just two ingredients.

It is super soft and gets ready in just 3 steps.

Play dough is an essential part of a toddlers early learning. The malleable properties of play dough make it fun for investigation and exploration as well as secretly building up strength in their tiny hands.

Play dough has many benefits, like:

1. It develops fine motor skills

2. It’s calming for children.

3. It encourages creativity.

4. It enhances eye-hand coordination.

5. It promotes play time.

So here is how you can make this essential learning and building tool.

Ingredients required:

Corn starch


Recipe :

Just add some lotion in a bowl and mix cornstarch in it until you get a dough like consistency. Pack it in a cellophane wrap for proofing.

And ta da, it’s ready.

You can add food colouring to your dough and make as many as you want.

Have fun making this and let your child have fun playing with this soft and nice smelling cloud dough!

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