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My Play Invitations is inspired by the best early childhood philosophies in the world. It is a blend of Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Waldorf. Whisked with Cognitive behavior science, My play Invitations is a scientific and well researched concept.

It’s like a party. The host sets up a great theme. Makes sure there is a display of hospitality and entertainment for the guest. In a party, it is up to the guest to get bored and not participate or to have a great time, not wanting to leave!

With only an exception. We don’t force our guest. They have an option to hop on to another party, if they don’t like this one.

A provocation or an invitation to play is a tool to make your child think and analyze on his/her own. It helps to improve their decision making, creativity and imagination.

We all know that brain development starts from birth. We also know that by age three, 90 percent of the brain development is complete. But what some of us may not know is that a newborn’s brain is making neural connections every second!

So you can imagine the magnitude of importance of early years in terms of brain development among other aspects of a child’s growth. My Play Invitations supports parents in ‘Brain-building’ through well planned, age appropriate, brain stimulating activities.

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The primary task of My Play Invitations is development through setting up prompts for your child to explore, to play with and to learn from. In each stage of a child’s development, the main goals are:

Social emotional development

Cognitive development

Language development

Fine motor skills development and

Gross motor skills development.

Exponential development happens in a toddler’s brain, characterized by great opportunity and vulnerability, dependent on the relationships and environment in which the child is growing.

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A preschooler is an explorer. With right parental support, he/she is already well equipped and ready to enter a world full of strange chidren and adults. It requires a lot of confidence, emotional stability and proper conditioning for a child as old as 3-4 years to adjust into an environment with unknown people and surroundings. Their security is shaken and the last thing on their mind is to try to learn.

My Play Invitations provides the right guidance and support to parents and teachers in helping their child adjust and thrive.

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