Starting solids is often the the most overwhelming task for parents. It starts with a lot of excitement and often ends up making us feel anxious. There isn’t one aspect in this journey- It starts from choosing what to feed first and ends at spilled purees. More often than not, parents give up early. Or else they hear from a friend or a relative and without much consideration or research switch to packaged baby foods. And that is often the end of the story or rather the beginning of a new one.


Unless you are travelling or going through a stressful phase like an illness or an unfortunate event, there are enough red flags to throw away the packaged baby food out of your pantry.

Red flag number 1: It’s MASS PRODUCED!

Which means it is nutrition deprived. It’s a no-brainer that they are either loaded with rice or corn flour. ( That is how they have that perfect texture and consistency). White rice and highly processed corn has a huge negative impact on babies gut health, hormonal health and brain development. So the next time you are tempted to pick it up from the super market shelf, give it a thought.

Red flag number 2: ADDED SUGAR!!!

First of all sugar is completely devoid of any nutrition and secondly it is not safe for babies to start sugar or salt before 12 months. It is even ideal to start if after 24 months. Also sugar or salt creates a taste bias and it leads to the child rejecting other foods which have more natural flavours like vegetables, fruits etc.

Red flag number 3: They are EXPENSIVE!

Packaged baby foods are designed and marketed to make you feel that they are more nutritious but in reality, they are just digging a hole in your pocket and are made cheaply, full of preservatives and are actually bad for your child’s health.

It’s not easy to always make everything from scratch and convenience takes precedence, but if you are smart enough, you will know that nothing is more important than establishing a nutritious, organic and pure eating routine for your child.

Homemade food is not just clean, fresh and preservative free but you get to know exactly what is going inside your child’s stomach.

Here are some options that are easy to make and store and SUPER LOADED with nutrition, and most importantly with your love!


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