These sensory bottles are a great way to keep your child busy for hours at bay. Your little one is going to love the gentle sound of these bottle shakers.

There is also something very special about DIY projects. They are close to your heart for all the effort taken while making them.

And as in proven by millions of children around the globe, the formal ‘toys’ are less interesting for children as compared to things of daily use.

So why not make use of this fact, save a lot of money and get started with this sensory bottle shakers!

Rice Bottle Shaker
Black Chickpeas
Water, Oil and Glitter


Empty bottles







Glue gun

Glue gun stick

How to make

Empty the contents of the bottles. Its ideal you use lesser than 500 ml bottles for n easy grip.

Sterilize the bottles

Fill in the contents in each bottle.

Rice, beads, water, oil work very well and are available in every household.

Apply glue to the inside of the cap and seal the bottle firmly.

You will enjoy the way your baby will play with these sensory bottles.

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