A perfect companion for a Saturday morning (or even an after school snack.
Our brain is powerful and mysterious but what we do know is that it needs specific nutrients to rebuild
and function smoothly. As neurotransmittors send signals to different parts of the brain it is important
that these are working properly. This is an important aspect of emotional and cognitive development
in children.
French toast is a perfect way to incorporate eggs into your daily diet and are perfect for small hands.
Eggs are rich in choline and this helps make the neurotransmitter ACETYLCHOLINE that has a
central role in…


Weekend waffles are a cool alternative to pancakes in our house…. Nice and crisp with oodles of options for toppings these are a quick and easy option for anytime of the day…. Waffles are perfect for little fingers and the texture alone will spark your child’s interest and senses.


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