Colors are all around us and it thrills parents when their toddler is able to recognize them.

There are a million activities that you can do with your child to help them identify colors.

But this one is my favorite for it’s simplicity and efficacy.


Toilet paper roll

Pom poms


Paint brushes

Small bowls

Dual tape (Masking tape)


Paint the toilet paper rolls in different primary colours.

Stick them on a safe surface vertically, for the pompoms to pass through.

Mix different colored pompoms in a bowl.

Place a bowl below each roll.

Demonstrate how to pick a color and pass it through the same color, and loudly say the name of each color and show them while putting it through the roll.

In no time, your little one will learn colors.

This is a great motivating activity that has many more benefits such as hand/ eye coordination and motor skills, along with being able to identify colors!

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