Walking is one of the big achievements of your child at this age, and they are only going to get better at it.

Though some start walking before they turn one and some toddle their way a little while after turning one!

Both ways it is perfectly normal. But you can do thing to encourage them and make it more fun and interesting for them. Keeping in mind their safety, it is better if you do this activity on a familiar territory where they already know how to tread. Instead of taking them outdoors you can also try this at home.

Of course there will be a little mess (okay, I admit, a lot of mess), but it is totally worth it.


Well, all you need is a lot of crunchy leaves.


Just place the leaves on a safe and known territory for your child.

Demonstrate it to your child or you can also walk along with him/her holding hands if you fear that he/she might fall.

Crunchy leaf walk is an excellent sensory activity for your child and will also help in building their confidence in walking, gradually!

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