Be it the first pregnancy or third, the transition from a normal body to a pregnant one is equally stirring for all. If pregnancy was a Dance performance, then the first trimester would be the break dance. Or a tribal dance of some remote jungles of Africa or India. Jokes apart, the early symptoms of a pregnancy can be a mayhem. Some of us quaff it quietly, enjoying it sip by sip, and some may stifle themselves and quiet not like the hormone hurricane (as much as you miss the cocktails, this is all you are gonna get)

But the good part about the first three months is that your baby has grown from a clot to a tiny human. The organs have formed, the heart starts beating. So in a way there is a beautiful Ballet dance going on inside your tummy. The Swift sprigs of limbs, the Etendre of the brain, the Glissering of the eyes! An artistic performance with precision!

That makes feel good, yeah?

There is so much more to make you feel even better, minus the dance analogy 😉

Here is a week by week layout of what is happening inside your body and what you should be doing about it.


This is just a dreamy add on to the list of weeks, basically you are not even pregnant right now. But as we all know, our body prepares itself to get pregnant every month, you should know what happens inside. Basically a little Highland dancing done solo by your body.

MHC Recommends:

Pre Natal Vitamins

More Pre Natal Vitamins

Getting proper nutrition is critical for your baby’s growth and for your body’s sustenance.

Books to read :

Pregnancy Notes by Rujuta Diwekar

The classic What to expect when you are expecting


The dirty dancing has happened, you are pregnant!


MHC Recommends:

Consult your doctor to approve these products before taking them.

It’s time you start taking Folic acid and Vitamin C


The trouble has just begun!

You are fully pregnant and now is the time you are going to start feeling it.

In case you already didn’t know about the pregnancy, the symptoms like a missed period, abdominal heaviness, frequent urination will begin now to give you the alarms.

During your first visit, a doctor will take a full health history and perform a full physical and pelvic exam. The doctor may also:

  • perform an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy
  • perform a Pap test
  • take your blood pressure
  • test for sexually transmitted infections, HIV, and hepatitis
  • estimate your date of delivery or “due date,” which is around 266 days from the first day of your last period
  • screen for risk factors like anemia
  • check thyroid levels
  • check your weight

MHC Recommends:

It’s time to buy the home pregnancy test kit from your local chemist.

It is also time to plan your baby announcement.


The tiny human inside you is making it’s presence felt. Morning or evening sickness, fatigue and food cravings or aversions will fully consume your mind.

MHC Recommends:

Psi bands acupressure wrist bands. A scientific product that relieves morning sickness. Safe to use, drug-free, comfortable, waterproof, reusable, affordable, and, of course, fashionable.

The positive birth book by Milli Hill


The thoughts of your baby and your mom life must have started to overwhelm you already!

Physical discomfort has just started and honestly the most important thing you can do to relieve it is to focus on your emotional health and comfort. The more positive and mentally calm you are about it, the more it will help to cope up with the physical discomfort and pains.

MHC Recommends:

Try this Pregnancy pillow for a comfortable sleeping position.

You should start using chemical free products now. Avoid all sorts of chemical based products for both your and your baby’s safety and well being.

Some tried and tested options are:

Mama earth

The Moms Co

Natural face cleanser

Try some soothing teas to help relax your senses.

Pregnancy tea kit

Pink Stork Mist: Magnesium Spray for Morning Sickness & Nausea Relief -Promotes Energy Levels, Sleep Quality & More -Reduce Anxiety and Irritability -Organic Dead Sea Magnesium and Purified Water


Be prepared for more body changes this week. You should discuss with your doctor and start a pre natal class. Being around a community of moms to be and mom support groups provide with a lot of new information and helps ease anxiety.

MHC Recommends:

Online Antenatal classes by Baby Center

Lamaze Classes

Invest in comfortable maternity bras already to provide proper support and comfort. Stop wearing wired and padded bras.


Listen to good music.

listen to pregnancy podcasts

MHC Recommends:

It is not too early for buying a baby record book, or is it?

A pregnancy memory book will be just fine for now.

The pasting of the first sonogram, expressing your feelings to your baby can give you the much needed happy hormone dose. Try it!


The baby is growing rapidly and that means you need to nourish yourself in every way.

Try your hand on some healthy recipes, cooking can be therapeutic.

MHC Recommends:

Read good books

Watch good movies and shows



Focus on your health and your baby’s growth and nourishment.

MHC Recommends:

Practice Mindfulness

Pamper yourself


Your appetite might increase so stock up on healthy snacks or keep yourself busy with some DIY snack making activity.

MHC Recommends:

You should inform your employer and apply for maternity leave.


You are at the end of your first trimester. This means that its only 28-30 more weeks left. You have come a long way.

MHC Recommends:

Buy comfortable clothes

Totally eliminate these things from your diet:

  • raw fish or smoked seafood (no sushi)
  • shark, swordfish, mackerel, or white snapper fish (they have high levels of mercury)
  • raw sprouts
  • cat litter, which can carry a parasitic disease called toxoplasmosis
  • unpasteurized milk or other dairy products
  • deli meats or hot dogs

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