First Year

Early childhood is the most impressionable age. Those little sized brains have a lot of processing going on inside them.

As educators we see children as a sponge. They are capable of absorbing all that you impart.

Activities help children learn in a systematic fashion. It is very important to understand a child’s learning strengths and needs. It helps parents and teachers to support them in their weaknesses and empower their strengths further.

First year is usually a very challenging time for parents. It is an year of mistakes and experiments. New parents especially first time parents are often found struggling with basics such as sleep, feed and poop.

Experts suggest that interacting and playing with babies makes them smarter and more attentive.

Doing age appropriate activities helps them develop cognition and motor skills early.

Explore these activities that will help not just in improving the quality of time spent with your little one but will also help them grow and learn better!

Make these DIY sensory bottles.
DIY Sensory Bags

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