Welcome to MyPlayInvitations for toddlers.


We set up a provocation for your toddler, called ‘Yellow-Mellow’.

Materials Required:

An A4 size paper

Yellow flower petals

A Yellow drink ( Used here is Tang, Mango flavor)

Yellow paint.


Assemble all the activity material on a table or on the floor.

Observe what your child wants to do with this.

Prompt only when you see that your child is totally lost, otherwise just ask simple questions like,

What do you think this is ?

Which colour is it?

Do you want to taste the yellow drink, etc.

Open ended play sparks creativity and results in better understanding of concepts because the child is receiving prompts only in the form of questions. Those questions are helpful because they lead them to think.

Hope you enjoy this activity!

A child’s mind is like a bird flying. It is free spirited and devoid of all apprehensions. Unless we scare them. So do not scare them by telling them how to do it.

Encourage what they do, and ask questions.

Let them fly and let them fall!

Ismat Sameer Ismail

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