Pincer grip with cotton balls and tongs

“How to get my child to hold a pencil correctly?”

This question is asked most often and is a cause of worry among parents.

Holding the pencil correctly is a major component of handwriting. But did you know that the building blocks of pencil grip starts as early as when your baby is a few months old?

By using hands on activities to strengthen their fine motor skills, you can support your child for a smooth writing experience in future.

One such very simple activity is using tongs for picking and dropping things.

All you need is :

Cotton balls

Thermocol balls

2 containers

A tong or a clothespin

Encourage open ended play.

Set up this prompt and let your child figure out what to do with this.

Your kid will surprise you!

There are a lots of fun ways through which you can promote good pincer grasp with older children. By doing these kind of activities with your child, you will promote strong finger grip and hand muscles needed for handwriting!

Happy learning,

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