Mothers across different races and ethnicity, find the second trimester to be the easiest and the most enjoyable part of their pregnancy.


Have you ever witnessed an Orchestra performance. A seemingly large group of musicians, everyone with a different instrument, some of them don’t even get noticed yet they play a very important role in the performance.

Your second trimester is more like it. Everything is happening at once. You don’t even know where it is happening. Every organ in your body is working towards providing support to your pregnancy. Similarly, your baby’s body is working in harmony with yours. Drastic growth and development is the outcome of all the hard work. Indistinct and unmistakable. Just like the symphony of an orchestra!

So pick your corner, sip your favorite tea and enjoy the music!


Unfortunately for a lot of women some symptoms like breast tenderness, bloating, gas and in some cases even nausea is in the game for a larger part of their pregnancy.

There will be discomforts like Vaginal discharge ( leukorrhea ) and discomfort while having sex but in some cases there has been an increase in sexual desires. So play it safe and give priority to your comfort and feelings.

MHC Recommends:

Staying active and eating a healthy and balanced diet will keep you and baby well nourished.

Strengthen your pelvic floor by fixing a time for pelvic floor exercise.

Try this support pillow for relief from back pain.


You may experience growing pains as a result of the expansion of the uterus. If you do, rest yourself and keep your feet upright.

Focus on your nutrition and maintain good hygiene.

MHC Recommends:

Abdominal support belt

Maternity clothes shopping

Maintain your skin health and keep an eye on pigmentation.


Despite the weight gain and abdominal heaviness, you are still in a good shape because it is easy to move around and do chores.

Keep a watch on your dental health. Swollen, red or bleeding gums could be a sign of gingivitis, an infection and inflammation of the gums, by making them react differently to the bacteria in plaque.

Heartburn and indigestion, varicose veins and blood pressure are a few things that can create trouble for you. Be alarmed at the slightest symptom and seek medical care. Do not ignore any sign of discomfort.

MHC Recommends:

Regular dental checkup and maintain a good oral hygiene.

Blood pressure monitor


Leg cramps can give you a troublesome night. Make sure you are well hydrated throughout the day.

Snack on fruits and vegetables. Stock up on hummus and guacamole to go with carrots and cucumbers as finger food. Basically increase your fluid content in every way possible.

MHC Recommends:

A fetal doppler for regular heart beat monitoring

Bio oil is an excellent product for prevention of stretch marks

Also invest in a good massage lotion ,


Your baby is growing in size and so are you. Your baby bump must be fairly visible by now. Consider applying for maternity leave if you haven’t yet.

An increased appetite should not be suppressed. Eat when your body demands but try to keep it healthy and nutritious as much possible.

MHC Recommends:

A heating pad for relief from aches and pains


You may experience Edema, increased backaches, heartburn and itchy skin. You might already start feeling the baby kicks and that will be very exciting for first time parents!

MHC Recommends:

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Panty liners to protect your panties.


You are making great progress and so is your baby!

Hope you don’t feel dizzy or lightheaded. Watch out and avoid sudden movements.

MHC Recommends:

Panty liners

Epsom salt


Your appetite is at its voracious best. Make the most of this opportunity that biology has given to you. Eat to your heart’s content, minus the guilt.

But remember avoiding junk food and sugar laden food will help your baby receive the right amount of nutrition that it needs.

Don’t take any herbal supplements without your doctor’s approval.

Look for smart and healthy food swaps.

MHC Recommends:

Books to read: The mindful mother

Find out the local organic food provider in your city.

Start planning and budgeting for your baby nursery. If you are not planning to go for a full fledged nursery, you still need to plan and budget your baby shopping , hospital and post par tum expenses.


Congratulations! You are halfway through and it will just be a matter of a few more weeks when you will be holding your precious little bundle of joy!

You may also notice your nails and hair growing faster, all credit goes to your pregnancy hormones.

Enjoy it till it lasts.

MHC Recommends:

You should keep a watch on your rings, in case the swelling increases your rings can get stuck and cause pain.

You should stop wearing heels and flats without cushion. Buy comfortable footwear to avoid any associated foot pains and to protect yourself from unprecedented slip ups or falls.


You may notice an increase in stretch marks that will expand from under your belly to your thighs and buttocks as well. In most cases they fade out a few months after delivery.

Make sure you use a thick formula to prevent itching.

MHC Recommends:

You can consider discussing your baby shower plans with your friends.

Planning a baby shower will bring in a lot of excitement and will also relieve your anxiety.


Tiredness and exhaustion can take its toll on you. Don’t go against your body’s capacity and over do things.

Rest well and nap whenever you can.

Some women develop piles as an effect of extra pressure on the veins below the uterus. Constipation, another pet peeve is also a reason you may get piles.

Take a lot of fibrous foods and drink lots of water.

MHC Recommends:

Sitz bath for piles

Comfort pillow for relief from piles, hemorrhoids and fissures.


You are almost at the end of your second trimester. You and your baby are growing well and if you don’t have any apparent health issues, you are luckier than most.

But you must be alert as this is the time when your blood sugar might fluctuate, so get yourself tested for any signs of gestational diabetes.

MHC Recommends:

Consider your options for Cord blood banking

Keep a Glucometer handy to keep a tab on your glucose levels.


You have entered week 25 of your pregnancy. You are a warrior for having gone through so much. But this warrior has a long way to go.

Watch out for any symptoms of Pre-eclampsia, that usually occurs after week 24, if at all it does.

MHC Recommends:

Have you started looking out for baby names already? It sometimes takes months of hunting and getting on the same page with your partner on this. It’s time you begin your search.

Book to read: I’m so pregnant


If at all you fancy a Babymoon, then it is time to go. Start planing and make sure to select a destination requiring minimum flying time.

But don’t forget to discuss this with your doctor before planning anything. You don’t want to get all excited and then get your heart broken.

MHC Recommends:

Plan your Babymoon


You have arrived at the end of your second trimester.

You are about to enter the most critical phase now. Sudden weight gain and a size ably large tummy will cause many other issues like increased back pain and restless legs syndrome.

MHC Recommends:

Acupressure can help relax the mind and body, increase blood circulation and energy levels, and help with other issues during pregnancy and childbirth, including nausea, but do discuss this with your doctor first.

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