Often called the ‘terrible twos’ which actually is a normal developmental phase. The only problem is that it is marked by tantrums, defiant behavior and lots of frustration!

Although parents usually don’t expect the terrible twos to begin before the child has turned two, but it can and it does happen before that in many cases.

It is not an easy task being a parent of a two year old. Many parents often ask how to deal with children at this this age. The best advice I can give and which works is to empathize a lot with your child. Understand that they are not able to express their problems and feeling to you and how frustrated they might be. Try to stay calm and stick to a behavior that you apply both in private and at public places.

Children get confused when they are allowed to do certain behaviors at home but are reprimanded for the same in public. They don’t understand manipulations and it is best not to teach them.

Here we have compiled a list of activities that keep them busy, make them learn and also help them expend all their energy.

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