Welcome to the third and the last trimester, ladies!

You are in for a big roller coaster ride and it will be less fun.

Your hormones are raging, your body weight is increasing every week and the anxiety of the D-Day approaching has it’s own dramas.


You are most likely to feel a sharp pain in your lower back, particularly in the tailbone, leading all the way to your legs. This is because your uterus is expanding and the baby is gaining more weight, causing pressure.

You can also start to have skin changes. It can get dry and itchy or sensitive. Use a good natural lotion or oil to keep it well moisturized and to reduce irritation.

Leg cramping is also a common issue.

Your nails can be brittle too.

MHC Recommends:

Use a body pillow to find the right and comfortable position.

Start making your list of items required for you and the baby.


Hemorrhoids, light headedness, constipation, varicose veins are a few common problems.

You need to take special care of your diet to relieve yourself from at least a few of them.

Try and be active and practice lot of breathing exercises just like your baby is doing right now!

MHC Recommends:

Have a diet rich in calcium. Include dairy and dairy products. If you are lactose intolerant or follow a vegan diet, look for other sources to add up on calcium intake.

You should finish doing all your pregnancy shopping and ideally leave nothing for the last moment.


Heart burn is your biggest concern in the last trimester. You need to avoid all foods that can trigger the flame further.

You will feel more fatigued than usual.

Also warn your partner in advance about an increase in mood swings.

MHC Recommends:

Use a lot of pillows to keep your chest elevated to avoid acid reflux.

Water retention will increase more and the only way to combat it is by drinking more water.


You may experience ‘leaky breasts’ as colostrum ( the first form of milk produced by the mammary glands, it helps build the immunity of the newborn) sometimes leaks out.

Shortness of breath occurs in the last trimester and relieves only after the baby has dropped down to the pelvis. It is basically because of the cramping of organs. Stay calm and, do not over exert and sit or stand upright whenever you do.

MHC Recommends:

Breast pads


Lower back pain will continue to trouble you. Do pelvic lifts for some immediate relief from the pain. You can also try the angry cat pose. It lifts the weight off of your spine and relaxes your internal organs.

Have you experienced the Braxton hicks contractions yet? They are basically sporadic contractions and relaxation of the uterine muscles, also called ‘false contractions’.

Well, you don’t need to worry because they go away on their own or if you change position.

MHC Recommends:

Take smaller and frequent meals.

Sip on water slowly to relax heart burn.

Decide on what type of breast pump you want. A manual one can tire you further and electronic breast pump will make your job easy.


Forgetfulness, insomnia, muscle pain, sleeping discomfort there is so much that could happen to you right now.

With just a few weeks left, your body is basically preparing itself for the stressful days coming up.

You need to train your mind to play it down when your body is in distress.

MHC Recommends:

Meditate to relax your senses.

Do stretches, walk a little and do Yoga poses to keep yourself in a happy state of mind. Any form of exercise will increase blood flow and release feel good endorphins.

Read about childbirth and prepare yourself mentally.

Hydrate well.


You are going to feel stuffed till your throat. The enlargement of uterus and baby’s constant weight gain will cause a permanent feeling of fullness. It will also cause dis balance, so be careful while walking.

Do you feel any vision changes? It is due to hormonal changes, just be careful, it’s only temporary!

Your back pain will worsen due to added pressure. Constipation, vaginal discharge, leg cramps will continue to bother you until the baby comes out.

MHC Recommends:

Reduce salt intake.

Stop eating outside food to eliminate all chances of catching an infection.


You may experience incontinence. Take it as a reminder to continue doing kegels.

Your Amniotic fluid is receding gradually.

MHC Recommends:

Practice Squatting. It will help the baby come down faster.

Start packing your bags for the hospital. Assemble all the things.

Many women like to arrange their room or nursery, keeping everything in its place of need to make it easier for them when they return from the hospital.


If your baby has dropped down by now, you will be relieved as there is more space for your lungs to breathe and for your stomach to feel less cramped. Allowing you to eat without feeling choked.

But with that comes another problem. More pressure on bladder. Leading to more washroom trips. Plus the discomfort.

MHC Recommends:

Make sure you have packed your hospital bags.

Keep your IDs, Cards and cash ready in one place.


Your due date is getting closer. Be prepared!

You might notice an increase in vaginal discharge. If you see any mucus or blood, labor is going to knock your door anytime soon. If you have heavier spotting or bleeding, call your doctor immediately.

MHC Recommends:

No matter how much you know, you are never really prepared for labor.

You will panic and lose your calm.

But remember that you need to compose yourself before the real contractions begin.

Breathing exercises will help you stay calm and maintain focus on your contractions.


The bun is ready in the oven, and its just a matter of time you will have your little one in your arms!

The last few days can be exhausting because of your physical state and also cause a lot of anxiety and strange dreams.

MHC Recommends:

Stay positive and discard negative thoughts.

Go for walks and do breathing exercises.


Congratulations! You have reached the full term of your pregnancy.

Although the Braxton Hicks contractions must have prepared you and your body but real contractions are a world apart from the false ones.

You will know the difference as they increase in intensity and by timing them.

Another big sign is leaking amniotic fluid or bursting of the water bag.

MHC Recommends:

If you doubt that your water broke or not, just do kegels. If it stops, its urine and if it doesnt, then it is the real deal.


Talk to your doctor to rule out any late term complications.


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