Puffers and the nasty pod

This story is based on a true incident when a ‘Pod’ of Dolphins attacked a group of puffer fish and played football with them.

Children will learn a lot of facts about the sea life through this story and the worksheets that follow.


It was a bright, purry morning. Aro woke up with his parent’s voice at a distance. He instantly remembered; it was the 4th of July!!

It was a big day for Aro’s family. He jumped out of bed and swam towards the coral ‘room’. But mummy and daddy were not there. 

He swam through the sand and rubble ‘room’ looking for his parents. 

Finally he found them in the weed garden. They come here every morning for an osmo session. 

“Good morning Aro”

Said mummy. 

“Come and have your breakfast. There is water fleas and worm sandwich and Infusoria tea for you”

Aro sat quietly but his mind was not on the Infusoria tea but on the news he wanted to hear. 

Finally, he gathered courage and asked his Dad. 

“Did I get selected?”

Every year there is an excursion organised by the Puffer Tetra Organisation, in the Indian Ocean. Puffers come from all over the world. It is one of the biggest aquaversal event where puffers take part in different sports.

Aro, inspite of being very shy is unbeatable at his puffing skills. He holds a school record and wants to be number one in the aquaverse. 

His Dad finally replied, 

“What if you get selected?

“How will you manage to go alone so far? You are so shy and reserved, your Mom and I are confused whether we should send……

Aro screamed in joy and side slided his Daddy and Mummy. 

“Mom and Dad, My dream has come true!

I will be the best Puffer in the world and make you proud”

Finally the day arrived when Aro began his journey along with the coach and other puffers towards the Indian Ocean.

It took them two weeks to reach. 

Aro was so tired but his fatigue disappeared when he saw Puffers from all over the world!

It was a fascinating sight. There were hundreds of them.

Dwarf Puffers

Red eye Puffers

Amazon Puffers

And Valentins sharpnose Puffers!

Some of them looked so sharp and furious!

Aro doubted he could make friends with any of them. 

He was scared but excited for the tournament the next morning. 

The crowd was Whistling and Hooting!

There were deafening barks and grunts. 

Aro saw so many of his cousins. 

They were easiest to recognize because of their blue spots!

Finally, the tournament started with a dance performance.

Suddenly there was screaming and everyone was seen running. 

Aro was shocked when he saw a huge POD!

They were humungous and the puffers so small. 

Aro decided to hide behind a reef. 

The dolphins were poking the red eye puffers and the sharp nose puffers.

When they puffed up in their defence, what did the dolphins do?

They started playing ball !!!!!!!!

They tossed and toppled the puffers and were enjoying their game of ball, while Aro and the others felt so helpless and angry. 

But what could little puffers do other than hide. 

Finally the pod left and everyone was relieved!

The crowd gathered again. 

And they decided to start the tournament again. 

One bad incident cannot dampen the spirit of the hundreds of puffers.

Aro won the Gold medal in relay!

After all the hurdles, it was indeed a dream come true for Aro and his family!


Happy learning!



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