I Know what you did this lockdown!

Right from late night television binge watching to having no fixed routine for bathing, meal times, physical activity, whatsoever. And getting dressed up in decent, presentable clothes has been long forgotten. Pyjamas are the new ripped jeans and hair goals have changed to “messy hair, who cares?” Umm, well honestly your kids are not toContinue reading “I Know what you did this lockdown!”


Two fish are swimming in the sea, one is from Holland, the other is from England. The English fish sees the Dutch fish, waves his fin, and says, “Hi!” The Dutch fish panics and says, “Where?! Where?!” In Dutch the word haai, which sounds like “hi,” means “shark.” For all you may know, your kid mightContinue reading “DUTCH FISH DON’T SAY ‘HI’”