The best gift you can give this Rakshabandhan!

The best gift you can give this Rakshabandhan!

Festivals in India make up the very fabric of our culture and traditions.
Rakshabandhan celebrates the bond of a brother and sister’s love.

2020 has been a year of distress, devastation and disease. People all over the world have suffered emotionally and financially. And this doesn’t seem to end for most of us.

But at the onset of the festivals in my country, a brazen thought came to my mind.

On that note, here is an idea for the most memorable gift, this Rakhi 🙂

Gift your sibling something special this Rakhi

Albeit you will find a plethora of DIY Rakhis, Rakhi cards, recipes and what not, and there is no reason you should ditch the traditional gifts. But alongside that, why not consider gifting a course to enhance their skills.

If your sister always wanted to learn French, isn’t this the best time when you can gift her a course that helps her learn a new language

Or if your brother wanted to learn coding, this is the prefect time because there is less pressure from school and no extra curricular activity, whatsoever!

Thankfully we are living in times where there is a lot of time to acquire new skills, so why shouldn’t you give your sister that piano course she always wanted to do!

Who knows what the future holds for us, we are living in a world of uncertainty, so setting an example by not wasting resources rather utilising every penny towards a good cause, isn’t that the right thing to do.

Never again will your sibling have this kind of time to invest in learning, when normal life resumes, we will all go back to the hustle and bustle.

So check out these links, look out for what your sibling loves, where their passion lies, what they need, and enrol them to an online course, this Rakshabandhan!

For the younger siblings


Ted Ed

Khan Academy




Virtual Storytime for kids

Get Epic

For older Siblings


British Council

Ed X

Future learn


Harvard University



FutureLearn http://www.futurelearn.com

Most of these sites offer a free course with a paid certificate, if you are short of budget you can opt just for the course and get a certificate sometime later!

You can also go for the free trial that many apps and sites offer!

This list has been curated after hours of research, but you can still do some research of your own.

And do share here if you come across or already know of any online learning platform that is as amazing as the ones I mentioned above.

P.S If you want to gift something tangible along with this, then go for the Phone/PC Eyeglasses for protection from over exposure to the screen

(This is not a promotional post. The products and websites mentioned have been found to be genuine and of value)

Wish you all a very happy rakshabandhan!

Love and learning 🙂



Covid-19 has put us in uncharted waters. We are all struggling in numerous ways, aren’t we. Not to mention the infamous unavailability of the toilet paper. And amongst the various strugglers, should I mention the struggles of the True Gen. The first generation of true digital natives! With absolutely no schools, extra curricular options or even friends available to catch up with, children and particularly young adults are going through a lot of trouble worldwide.

With the introduction to online learning as an attempt to push ahead with the academic calendar, it is an unwieldly task for teachers and students alike. Amongst many other concerns that many educational experts including those at UNESCO and UNICEF have expressed, there is one very basic and functional concern that I have come to realise. ARE THEY EVEN LISTENING ???

Any of us who have ever taken a class with the Gen-Zers knows that not only are they smarter but also more fiddle footed. To contain them in a virtual classroom is a gruelling task. Furthermore, we should keep in mind their need for social interaction. They are born with social needs. So when they are sitting in a virtual classroom, they may not be aligned to the learning process. As I said earlier, they are native to digitalisation and the effectivity of virtual classrooms cannot be doubted, what I am doubtful about though is the fact that they have a very short attention span.

A shorter attention span leads to easy distraction which in turn, affects a child’s listening skills. They might be hearing, but are they listening to understand and comprehend.

Schools should consider including listening skills as a part of their life skills program. And meanwhile as parents we can work on the ‘active listening skills‘ during the lockdown. Here is a active listening skills checklist for you.

Older children may find concentrating difficult because of access to the internet and various social media. The distraction is real and parents must keep a check on their activities. We don’t need to pry on them, instead discuss respectfully.


For teachers and parents alike, developing your child’s active listening skills should be very important. Teachers can spare five minutes before each class and do group games like fruit salad and identify the sound to set up a lively online classroom.


There are many games and activities that can be incorporated, whilst it is a time consuming effort, at the same time you can be sure of improving a very important life skill of your child.

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Good Bye!